S. Libbrecht Studio
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Hi! My name is Shelby.

I create and design intentional pieces that help communicate aesthetic in a meaningful and organic way. From artwork to design, calligraphy to finishing touches, I help set the tone for your brand or wedding day.

Beautiful designs coupled with an amazing experience make for memorable moments.

Together, let's bring your ideas into actuality that truly conveys your story and style.


How I got here...

"Over the years I've had my bouts of different career paths and self-discovery that just didn’t quite fit me and made me feel really disconnected. After coming across some beautiful calligraphy on Instagram, it inspired me to create! After loads of practice and learning the art of calligraphy and design—and creating my own invitations, it became a real passion of mine. I did many pieces for friends and family that admired and valued my work, then one referral lead to another, and the rest is history!

This year, we acquired an antique letterpress machine that is a tender old age of 101 years old! The tactile feel of letterpress has inspired me in so many ways and is a joy to work with.

I am an outgoing introvert, and a big listener. I find most of my inspiration from simplicity, nature, and am fascinated by people’s stories. I love California—the coast, the valley, and mountainous regions, where I live with my husband and our two children who are our greatest joys"

Let’s connect! ➝

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