Styled Shoot / Branding Shoot | Mignon Floral Co.


Earlier this year in March, I participated in my first styled shoot! Well, first big girl shoot with other vendors involved… I should say, but I can save that for another blog, ANYWHO!

I was invited by April Baytan, a floral designer I connected with on Instagram, to collaborate on this branding shoot she was designing and coordinating for another florist—Mignon Floral Co. I was not only super excited to create something beautiful, but to connect with other like-minded creatives in the industry! I truly believe in community over competition and that we all should be lifting each other up. In an industry with so much saturation, competition is inevitable, and it makes us fearful, not good enough, the list goes on. At the end of the day, we’re all people living the same life—doing our best to achieve whatever our hearts are set on. A life that is deep down revolved around people and relationships. One that loves and serves other well. The way I choose to serve others is by gratitude. Being grateful for all the friendships I’ve made and sharing their special talents with you all here in my little space.

With that being said, I decided to do a little Q&A with the woman herself so you all can get to know how amazing she is!

How did you and when did you get started in the floral industry?

Well, I first started out as a planner, which I quickly realized was not what I wanted to do at all. I wanted to be the hands that created the work opposed to designing the concept. I absolutely respect every planner I have worked with and admire how much they are able to organize and execute so many tasks throughout the planning process which in the end provides a beautiful event. However, for me, I want to just focus on one part of the design; the flowers. 

What were your greatest fears at leaving one career in and starting another?

Greatest fear would be that I may eventually hate doing flowers. Which can seem far fetched I suppose but when you turn a passion into the bread and butter of your life, stress is inevitable. I don't want that which is why I still work a part time job. I truly enjoy my job and my passion. I do feel blessed that I'm able to balance both without having either interfere with the other. I certainly realize this isn't a reality for many and I wish more could afford to live their passion. 

How did you develop your signature style?

Without trying. I use to be so self conscious that my work did not look like everyone else's. Including those I admired so greatly. Until I received a few compliments that included "I can always tell when it's your work." That was the end of feeling I needed to be anything but myself as well as embrace what came naturally to me.

What’s your favorite flower?

I don't have one! I love too many!

Where do you look for inspiration?

The storybooks I read to my children.  The obvious nature of human hands in the drawings and colors make me want to create with my hands.  My very favorite is Mouse & Lion by: Rand Burkert, Illustrator: Nancy Ekholm Burkert
What are the types of flowers and foliage that you can never seems to get enough of?  

Although my addiction to it has recently subsided, I love using mint as a greenery. The texture, color and smell of chocolate mint, and peppermint would make me want to use it in every design.  A tad obsessed, haha.  The flower that I can't get enough of is probably tulips.  I'm fascinated with how different and big they look when you peel back the petals.

The one that got away. Any arrangement you tried that just didn't come off?  

Oh goodness, yes.  It actually was a gazebo design for a wedding and boy did I learn some lessons that day.  Not enough time was the main factor of that disaster, as well as my amateur skills,  but thankfully I had an amazingly beautiful and understanding couple that actually became friends.    

What is your favorite season to design for?  

I think Fall.  The flowers during this season seem so alive and strong.  They seem to give off a cool, supple energy.  It inspires me! 

What colors are the easiest or hardest to work with as a florist? 

For me the easiest; a neutral pink like a quicksand rose. It's actually hard to find a flowers that doesn't look pretty with a quicksand. Hardest; reddish-orange like some gerbera daisies.  It's not that I don't like reddish-orange, it just requires more elements and skills, that I may be lacking to achieve the soft transition I enjoy seeing.

And finally, what is one behind the scenes thing that you wish people knew about your job? 

My work is so much more beautiful when my style is embraced, I'm trusted, and given a bit of creative freedom.

You can find Mignon on IG here: @mignonfloralco

OR her website here:

The Team:
Photographer: @ashleynoelleedwards
Design + Styling: @aprilbaytan
Floral Design: @mignonfloralco 
Calligrapher + Paper: @slibbrechtstudio
Patisserie: @paperheartpatisserie
Make-up + Hair: @chiyokobeauty
Model: Kara
Table Top: @theonicollection
Linens: @latavolalinen
Rentals: @cprandtents
Ribbon: @froufrouchic
Dress: @nordstrom
Sweet Support + Assistance: @tophbacon @mariel_v