Below are a set of questions that will help me get a better idea about you and your company. I will work closely with you to develop your brand’s voice, and the goal of these questions is to make sure I take the time to truly learn about your vision, core values, target market etc. This way, I can deliver a final product that you love, that your audience will love, and that represents you entirely! I know it's a bit of a lengthy process but every answers works towards helping me gain a better understanding of what you have in mind for the design.

Ready to get started? Turn off your phone/ distractions, grab a cuppa, and settle in as you answer the questions below. I can't wait to get to know you better, and could not be more excited that you've made the decision for us to work together on your new adventure!

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Let's Dig Deep
Try thinking specifically about one ideal person to be using your service/ product. What is their age, lifestyle, married, with kids? What is their job and income, where do they live?, Where do they shop? etc. The more specific the better.
Be as descriptive as possible.
Branding Details
Ex. Casual, effortless, organic, elegant, uniformed, clean, minimal, etc.
Please add links / pinboard links below or add the files to our shared google drive.
Ex. Script, bold, light, hand drawn etc.
What exactly needs to be designed? *